Twenty Years Older: A Letter Tag

Hey Guys, welcome back to my blog🎉 Today, I'm participating in a blog tag-and I'm thrilled to participate! It is a topic of letter and I'll write my answer HERE, in this post. So, the tag is created by me, and the question is inspired from a book called "The Art Of Being A Brilliant Teenager". 

Well, this 'tag' means a question or task, which I'll do first and then encourage other bloggers to do as well. The rules for this letter tag are:

i) Appreciate the blogger who nominated you.
ii) Mention Gauri@BrighterAlleys, creator of this letter tag.
iii) Answer the question, which is a task to write a letter.
iv) Now, nominate five bloggers who you think are worth it. Make sure they know that they are nominated.

And here's the letter topic: 

Imagine yourself to be twenty years older than now. You have become what you always wanted to, and are living your dream. But suddenly, the 'current version of you' pops out of nowhere and asks for some tips. What tips will you give? Write a letter from the 'twenty years older you' to the 'current you' and tell how you reached your goals in twenty years.

This is the letter topic on which every amazing nominee (including me) has to write. So I have to think that I'm thirty-four year old now, and then write to my past (fourteen-year old) version. It's going to be tough!

Now, here's my letter:

Dear little Gauri,

I'm Gauri too, but your the thirty-four (14+20) year old version. I would like to tell you that in today's world, you're fabulous! I know I'm praising myself, but trust me, I'm who you always wanted to be. And you have a big house with the garden of your dreams. You live in a calm place, but the whole world knows you! I mean-you're really famous here😃

But little girl, you had originally asked for tips, and see what? I'm not telling you any! You see, I'm talkative even now. But let's come to the point: How can you reach here, where I am standing now? There's no one-word answer to it, and that's because my journey had several ups and downs. Sometimes things were tough and out of hand, and sometimes I thought to give up. But, as Babe Ruth said, "You can't defeat a person who never gives up", I too kept on working tirelessly. 

I invested days and nights in studying, programming, working for my dreams... I will tell you one thing: there's nothing as "luck" in reality. Everything depends on how much effort you put into it. I want you to always be ambitious, and strive for success. I can guarantee you this: If you work real hard, and that MEANS real hard, no one can stop you from achieving your goals. But hard work should be complemented with smartness! Sometimes OTHERS may try to take advantage of your efforts, don't let them.

And always obey your parents. Even when their advices might not be what you prefer, they'll always think the right for you. Also, make good friends. You know what, your friends may be the best companions you'll ever need! Sometimes you might think that you're enough by yourself- but the support of loved ones can't be ignored sweetheart :) 

I would now give you one last tip, or you'll think "how boring my thirty-four year version is!". Learn to be happy with yourself. If you feel that you'll be happy AFTER you accomplish something, or AFTER you get a top rank, you'll NEVER really be happy. It's actually quite the opposite: if you are happy NOW, you might easily accomplish something or get a top rank. Happiness is free, don't try to buy it ;)

Your BIG version,

The thirty-four year-old Gauri

So this was the letter I expect my thirty-four year verion to write. How was it? For me, it was a fun experience but also tricky at the same time! I had to think a LOT while writing it💦

Now here are my nominees, whom I think can write an even awesome letter:

1. Maith @ Maith's Musings
3. Shanessa @ My Days in Montana

These were the amazing people whom I nominate. If you too are capable of writing a letter but are not in the list, don't worry! You can use this letter tag too, PROVIDED that you follow the rules. So, in a way, I nominate you too! Accept it- and continue this tag chain, dear blogger 😉

And be sure to tell me in the comments section if you enjoyed this post. It was unique for me, the first tag I've ever created! Try clicking the share buttons and make this post even unique😊 See you soon...



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  1. Gauri this is such an ingenious and unique tag! Your optimistic thinking is just SUPERB!!! I hope that you fulfill all your dreams and aspirations!
    All the best 🥳
    Thank you so much for nominating me! I am very excited to try this out!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Maith! I wish you too achieve all your goals in life😊

      Welcome, I'll be glad if you try it😃

  2. this is so clever! I've only thought of writing to my future self, but writing FROM my future self TO my younger self? that's genius! Thank you so much for nominating me! I will be doing this tag :)
    - Evin

    1. Welcome, I can't wait to read your letter!

  3. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This isn't a decent word, please don't use *dud later on.

      Thanks anyways🙂

    3. I am sorry for that 😣😌.

      But you channel is good work on it maybe you get success from here.

    4. Oh, thanks! But, you see, I feel blog is more fulfilling for me :)) Thanks for the wishes!

  4. This was a really cool blog post, and I love the different perspective.

  5. Replies
    1. samjha ki tu maise kyun likh rhi thi phir end me '34 year old' dekha great imagination (video dekho)

    2. Thanks, and the new video is great! Congrats@ Vibstar!

  6. Hi! I'm a blogger too and found your blog through @thesilverfashionista . I love the way you wrote this and found your 34 year old self advice very helpful for me as well :) Even though I wasn't in the nomination list, I hope you don't mind me using this tag... keep writing!

    1. Hi Soumya! That's so kind of you, thanks :)

      Yes, you can SURELY use this tag! I'll wait for an update when you finish writing your letter ;)

    2. Hey Gauri, wanted to update you on the letter tag!

      Very sweet of you for having me continue this tag, have a great day :)

    3. Oh, lovely! I'll read it for sure ;)

      Thank you :))

  7. This is an awesome tag! Thanks for tagging me✨

    1. Thanks Roshni, I'll wait for you posting your letter!
      And welcome :)))

  8. I love this tag idea! I was tagged for it recently and I'm working on my letter now.

    1. Wow! When you get it done, you might share a link here (so that I could read it too!)


  9. I love this tag, thank you so much for creating it. :D

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