Silliest Reasons When I Cried Badly

Hey Guys, welcome back to my blog! Today's post is very light, silly and fun to read, although I'm gonna tell you some incidents when I CRIED! Yes, and I cried on the SILLIEST reasons I can ever imagine😃. But they were years ago, and they now seem to be just a memory, in fact, a sweet memory.

I'll tell you just three incidents in this post, although I want to tell you a few more. Okay, let's keep this aim: When this post get 100+ views, I will start writing the part two. But what's more important is that you enjoy this post. That's a major reason for why I'm writing it! 

Well, let's start- shouldn't we? Here are a few reasons for which I cried badly:

Reason 1: My teacher thought my craft wasn't extraordinary

This is the story when I was in fifth standard, and we had a special class on saturdays. We called them "Saturday Academy". Here, we were given a particular topic and then asked to make crafts or drawings on that topic. Perhaps you too have the crafts period in the school, so you know what happens in it.

Alright, so we were asked to make a card on Mothers' Day. I was really excited for the academy because crafts have always been close to my heart. I started planning what to make, and after four long days, it was finally saturday. 

I knew my idea was very unique and that nobody would make something like that.  I had decided to write the caption "happy mothers' day" in VERY BIG size, and paste paper cuttings over the letters. (But that idea wasn't so unique, was it?!)

I was also going to paste my mom's real picture too. And I was so proud for it😆. So the academy finally began...

By the end of two hours, everyone's cards were ready. I, the proudest of all, started checking out others' cards. And all my proudness nearly shattered! Honestly, everyone's cards were equally beautiful like mine (I 'd rather say that they were MUCH BEAUTIFUL!!) 

It was the turn of my teacher to select best three cards and nominate them as winners. 

Those days, I was highly competitive, VERY HIGHLY competitive in fact. So I wanted my teacher to choose my card at first. But she didn't! I still expected her to come back and pick up my hopes. However, she had already selected her nominees.

And what do you expect now?? YES, I STARTED CRYING👀. My teacher rushed to the "then most disciplined kid of the class"  to stop her from crying.

But I kept crying till the end of the school. I went to my bus, still crying. Somehow my friends cheered me up, saying that their cards weren't selected too. Pretty good reason for a "HIGHLY COMPETITIVE GIRL"!!

Reason 2: I did a sum wrong in my maths test

The incident dates back to when I was in sixth grade. I was a "good girl" who "never did any question wrong, EVER". Not boasting, this was what everyone thought. Just to say I was an ordinary girl (with no superpowers at all). 

So here's what happened:

It was the unit test of Sixth Standard, and the class was told that the test marks will be added to the marks of annual exam. So yes, I was SCARED. And I can't do anything great when I'm scared. 

And just a few minutes after submitting my maths answer sheet, I realised that I did a blunder. It was a basic question of multiplication, probably related to the distributive property. I multiplied wrong, and hence wrote fewer zeroes in my answer than everyone else!

My classmates claimed the right answer was 100 times more than what I had written, and some jealous fellas were happy for this... 

I controlled my emotions somehow. But when I returned home, the fact that I lost TWO MARKS made me shed the BIGGEST of my tears! I cried the whole day!

Even my parents couldn't calm me down. I was so broke, and all negative thoughts came to me: What if I am no more good at maths? What if I will fail in maths this year? What will my friends say when I will not be able to solve any question? What blah blah blah...

Wow, so much tears for two marks! And you know what, here's the top thing: When the marks were out, my maths sir did not deduct a single mark! He said "that's a minor mistake, I ignored it" although my answer was "100 times lesser than others"! 

I got a perfect 20, and only thing which got wasted were my pearl-like tears!! Here is the third time when I cried-the only memory of kindergarten!

Reason Three: My christmas cap was purple!

This story, as already told, is from eight years ago. I was in KG or Nursery or Prep if you call it. We all kids were asked to"bring a BRIGHT RED birthday cap and a cotton roll tomorrow". We all felt that it was for making christmas caps, and we were correct.

So the next day, everyone had arranged a BRIGHT RED cap for themselves- some short, some long, some too slender and some too fat caps! But my cap was the oddest: It had perfect size, perfect shape and imperfect colour! PURPLE!!

Why was my cap purple? Because the shop from which I bought the cap said that the red cap supply had just ended. Wow, and I did not get the idea to stick a red coloured paper on my cap! I was a kid anyways.

And when everyone's caps were done, we were asked to put it on ourselves. I looked so odd! I still have the pic, where all my friends were grinning and I was sobbing... Oops..

The End

This story comes to an end, and your comments should have a beginning! Tell me if you liked this, okay, just tell me which one was the best. And I guess that you too have such stories- when you cried badly. If you think is is shareable, do tell me in the comments! 

Have you also expected to get lesser marks, and you got much more than expected? Or was it the opposite?! Tell in the comments!



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  3. Relatable! I think we have all had those moments which were (at that time) sorrowful, but later on make a GREAT story!!!

  4. Love this post - so well-written!! I have also definitely cried over maths tests before oops!


    1. Thanks Lexie! I guess most of us have whined over their maths marks!!

      PS: You were amongst the first teen bloggers I came to know :)

    2. TO
      We would like to take your interview for our viewers.

      If you want to share your journey you can contact us .

      through our blog url.

    3. Hi Adarsh! I appreciate your offer, but presently I'm quite busy-I'm not even blogging for sometime now- am doing no collabs, nothing!

      However, if I turn up for an interview, I'll surely let you know. Hope you understand this :)

      Gauri@Brighter Alleys

  5. Maths test is really a relatable situation😂

  6. I relate to crying over craft projects. (Well, mostly crying about what the art teacher says about the art project).

    Your post was nice to read, and I hope you're staying well and safe,

    1. Yes, sometimes they just tell the improvements-and we get demotivated!

      Thanks Quinley, yes I'm all-safe for now. Hope it's the same for you too <3


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